Tips for better male orgasms


Volume pills can greatly improve and enhance sex, but they aren't the only solution for better male orgasms. There are a variety of techniques and exercises that can lead to better male orgasms. But here's the thing - in order to make them work, you actually have to practice. So a little dedication is required.

If you're like most guys, you probably prefer taking pills twice a day to taking on a new exercise regime. But why not do both? Why not take a good volume pill and follow these tips - for the very best male orgasms ever?

Don't get dehydrated!

One key to better male orgasms is to make sure you're fully hydrated. So many things we encounter in daily life deplete the body's stores of water, including:

So drink your 8 glasses of water every day to keep your body fully hydrated. The benefits of sufficient water go far beyond better male orgasms, so start drinking more water today.

Kegel exercises for better male orgasms

There's one muscle group you can work out that will provide better male orgasms. And this part is even better: you can do these exercises anywhere. In your chair at the office, in your car -- anywhere.

Your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle is located in the pelvis and is responsible for the contractions you experience during orgasm. By strengthening this muscle, you can intensify orgasms and make semen shoot out farther when you ejaculate. These exercises also improve blood flow to vital parts of the male anatomy.

So here's how to get started:

Locate the PC muscle. The next time you're urinating, try to shut off the flow in midstream. The muscle you contract to do this is the PC muscle.

Read our recommended kegel exercises regimen here.

Breath control for better male orgasms

When masturbating or having sex, most of us pant and even hold our breath when we reach orgasm.

If you take long, deep breaths instead, not only will your body feel more relaxed but you'll be able to last even longer. And when you reach orgasm, you will feel it much more intensely - maybe even down to your toes.

Good volume pill = better male orgasms

Because volume pills increase the quantity of semen ejaculated during orgasm, they intensify the sensations of orgasm. Volume pills can also greatly increase the duration of orgasm.

If you're fully hydrated, have a strong PC muscle, are breathing deeply and have been taking your volume pills regularly, you will have the best orgasms of your life.

So get started today! Read our volume pills recommendations and daily kegel exercises regime.

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