Increase Semen Volume

Why you should want to and how to do it


Semen production isn't something most men think about. While just about everyone has heard the phrase "the ropes" in relation to porn films, few people really know what it's all about.

But this is one subject you can't afford to be ignorant of. What if we told you that you could double the duration of every orgasm you have -- that's like cumming twice as often.

Paying attention now? Good. First we'll discuss the ropes, and then we'll tell you how to get more ropes of your very own.

The ropes and why you want them

Our story of the ropes starts in chilly Sweden, famous for its leggy blondes and its porn films. In order to increase the photogenic quality of their ejaculations, male porn stars took pills designed to increase their production of semen. (That's why the guys in the movies seem to cum forever.) But here's the thing: by ejaculating more semen, the man's orgasm lasted longer, and was more intense.

The phrase "the ropes" was coined to describe the number of contractions a man experiences during orgasm. Using these semen-increasing pills doubled the number of ropes a man experienced -- and doubled the intensity of his orgasm.

The guys kept taking the pills even when they weren't filming a movie. Can you blame them? For orgasms twice as intense, most guys would do a whole lot more than take a pill.

Getting increased semen volume

Good secrets have a way of becoming widely known. It wasn't long before bottles of those Swedish pills started showing up in the United States, where those who tried it were completely blown away with the results. A few of those pills went to a laboratory... and now we have Quantum Pills.

No BS - these pills really work. Within a few days, you'll have at least double the volume of semen, and double the length of orgasms. Most guys also experience more intense orgasms, too. Increased sex drive is a natural by-product (when sex feels twice as good, you'll want to have it twice as often).

When you combine volume pills with your exercise for harder erections and penis enlargement pills, you're off the hook. This combination increases sexual desire, sexual performance and, most importantly, makes orgasms feel absolutely incredible.

So if you're interested in trying something new that makes all your orgasms even better, we highly recommend Quantum Pills.