Avoid these penis enlargement methods!

Save time, money and maybe your manhood


Considering the wide variety of penis enlargement methods being offered for sale, there are a surprising number that are ineffective or just plain ridiculous. When you're deciding which penis enlargement methods to employ, we highly recommend steering clear of the following:

Penis enlargement pump

Although they're fun for bondage play and for masturbation, extensive use of these pumps for penis enlargement can lead to a softer, spongier erection. So go easy on them and don't use them for more than 10-20 minutes at a time to diminish the risk of broken blood vessels and other complications.

Hanging weights

Who ever thought this was a good idea? Some companies offer systems of hanging weights to help stretch the skin of the penis only, to help men who've been circumcised but want their foreskin back. For this purpose, the hanging weights work great. But for actual penis enlargement? Sorry -- they just don't work.

Penis enlargement surgery

It's so liable to go wrong that most doctors refuse to do it. Okay -- can you imagine any other instance in which a plastic surgeon would turn down money? This in itself should be a big warning. And who wants to go through life with a deformed penis? We don't recommend surgery for penis enlargement under any circumstances.

Penis stretching devices

First off, you don't want to leave the house wearing one of these strap-on torture devices. Second, you don't stretch your muscles this way -- why would you stretch your penis like this? Short periods of intense stretching, like during these exercises, yields superior results with far less wear and tear to the tissues involved in the stretching.

What we do recommend:

Penis enlargement exercises

A daily course of penis enlargement exercises, including jelqing and kegel exercises, will provide results in penis size as well as erection quality. All it takes is a little training and dedication. And, of course, it's free.

Penis enlargement pills

Not all penis enlargement pills are created equal, it's true. But when you get a top-quality penis enlargement pill and combine it with daily penis enlargement exercises, that's when you make the kind of size gains that you want to brag about.

We hope this advice helps you increase your self-confidence and accomplish your goals!