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You can't wait any longer. The decision has been made and you have come to the conclusion that, one way or another, you are going to find a way to make your penis bigger because life is too short to walk around all the time not feeling like you are the man you want to be. Yes, you've spent years trying to pretend that it doesn't matter how big your penis is but everything in life tells you otherwise. From the locker room to the bedroom there is just no escaping the feeling that you just are not measuring up and you want to know what it feels like to walk through life with that permanent sense of confidence and swagger that can only come from knowing that you have a monster in your pants. The second part of that equation is the fact that, when you are in bed, you want to know that you can really satisfy your mate and have a penis that can really rise to occasion is just something there is no substitute for. And guess what, my friend - you are far from alone.

Whether you know it or whether you don't the fact is that there are millions and millions of men around over the globe that are having the same feeling that you are and there are literally hundreds of companies out there that are offering a wide variety of possible solutions to this problem in one way or another. Some are even designed to help deal with a far under reported issue that a fair percentage of men deal with - it's called Peyronie's disease which is sometimes referred to as curvature of the penis.

Yet another problem that confronts men seeking a solution to the penile problems is the fact that so many of the possible solutions on the market today do not have a good track record of success but manage to keep selling because it is often very difficult to know just how good a product is until after you have already bought it. This is largely due to the fact that there is a lot of money at stake in this growing multi-billion dollar market and bad products with slick marketing campaigns can do very well in a lot of countries where regulations and other quality controls are not very stringent.

So, keeping all of this in mind it's time to take a long hard look at one possible solution to these issues and see how well it stacks up against some of the others - it's called X4 Labs Penis Extender.

A Look Inside X4 Labs

X4 Labs Penis Extender

So, what do we know about the X4 Labs Penis Extender? Well, for one thing, we know that it is a form of therapeutic device, a piece of hardware, if you will, that has been specifically designed to actually stretch the tissue of the penis based on the medical technique often referred to as traction. You may be familiar with this technique because it is often employed by medical professionals all over the globe to help stretch tendons, ligaments and some other tissue to assist patients in recovery from injuries, ailments and some surgical procedures. One of the things you may have heard about it being used for is to stretch a leg or other appendage that might be somewhat shorter than another as a way to make them even in length. This basic approach is often used by less developed cultures as part of rituals that call for the transformation of various body part such as when women incrementally stretch their necks by stacking ring after ring around their necks in an effort to elongate it or when certain tribe members place larger and larger round plates into the lower lip area to meet certain standards of beauty or masculinity expectations.

No matter what the reason for doing it, this technique of traction was made popular by the famous Danish surgeon Dr. Jorn Ege Siana. His work as a pioneer in the field is what has led to a large market for traction based penis enlargers, the market for which is growing larger by the day. So, keeping all of this in mind, let's take a good hard look at how the X4 Labs Penis Extender stands up to its competition in a number of different ways.

What The Scientific Data Says

One of the key factors in determining how well any product works is in looking at the data that supports the claims made for the product. In the case of the X4 Labs device there is little to no actual research, studies or clinical testing that the company offers or that we could find that supports those claims.

What Actual Users Have To Say

It is commonly known that most companies tend to use testimonials or user reviews as a way to make potential customers believe that their product is effective and well-liked by their own customer based. The problem is that these testimonials and user reviews are most often biased by the fact that they generally appear on official websites for the product or on other marketing materials produced and controlled by the seller. Of course, this means that the seller is highly unlikely to use any commentary that is anything less than glowing in terms of what the user has to say about the product. This being the case we tend to look for more unbiased sources of testimonials and user reviews.

Scanning a number of websites focused on the industry and with no known affiliation to X4 Labs as well as several internet chat rooms discussing the subject we discovered a large number of user reviews for this product. The final analysis of these shows that the vast majority of these independent user reviews had a rather negative opinion of their experiences with the X4 Labs device. The most prominent of the opinions seemed to indicate that the device was simply too cumbersome and painful to use as recommended by the producer.

The Last Word On X4 Labs

As we discussed at the top of this review the problem of going through life with a less than satisfactory penis is not something that can be easily dismissed and really shouldn't be considering how important it can be to leading a healthy and happy life. For this reason there are millions upon millions of men around the world who are constantly in search of a way to change this aspect of their lives. The issue facing most of these men is in being able to determine which of the literally hundreds of possible solutions available on the market is right for them. Is it a mechanical device that claims to be able to stretch the tissue of the penis to create a longer penis capable of forming larger, more desirable erections? Let's go over what we now know.

When it comes to the X4 Labs there are just a couple of critical factors that need to be looked at by men who may be considering its use. The first is the fact that the device, like all devices in its class have a number of their own specific drawbacks compared to other solutions such as the modern male enhancement supplement which typically employs generally all-natural ingredients that are designed to boost the production of testosterone in their users which leads to a boost in nitric oxide which then causes a marked increase in blood flow which leads to more retention of blood within the penis for larger penises both while flaccid and when erect.

The second fact is whether or not the supporting data shows if the device is proven to be safe and effective. As discussed earlier, the company does not provide this type of information in any credible or verifiable way and we did not find any information elsewhere that shows that any real research, studies or clinical trials were performed in a way that would supports X4 Labs' claims.

The third critical factor is that the vast majority of independent user reviews that we were able to find are of the opinion that X4 Labs is simply too painful and cumbersome to use on a regular basis which is necessary to achieve the kinds of results the company itself says is possible.

In the end, looking at all the available information it seems quite clear that the X4 Labs device has not proven itself to be one of the most effective and consumer friendly ways to achieve a large and satisfying penis. This being the case we cannot recommend it as one of the top ways for men attempting to improve their penis size.

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