VP-RX Penis Enlargement Pills

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VP-RX are the penis enlargement pills that started it all. You've seen them in your inbox, you've seen them all over the Internet, maybe you've even considered buying them. VP-RX is very heavily marketed by an affiliate network sponsored by Global Life Cash. Affiliates are generally responsible for the emails and spammy websites you see. So, you may rightly wonder, what makes VP-RX pills different and special?

A one-month supply of VP-RX, sixty total capsules, currently costs $29.95.

Active ingredients of VP-RX

VP-RX pills contain the following ingredients: Vitamin E, soy protein, muira puama, ginkgo biloba leaf, panax ginseng root, tribulus terrestris extract, yohimbe extract, inosine, oat straw, cayenne fruit and velvet deer antler. Velvet deer antler is an interesting ingredient long considered in Oriental medicine to be an aphrodisiac and performance enhancer.

The VP-RX formula does not seem to be particularly innovative or different, despite the fact that the VP-RX bottle says it's "New and Improved!"

How to use VP-RX penis enlargement pills

Take two VP-RX pills per day with water or fruit juice. The pills should be taken on a full stomach to help prevent stomach irritation and indigestion. Because VP-RX contains yohimbe, a caffeine-like stimulant, you should consider reducing your daily caffeine intake to compensate. Otherwise, you may find yourself jumping out of your skin.

VP-RX: our evaluation

VP-RX is an interesting formula. The inclusion of large quantities of soy protein concentrate puzzles us. It's a good source of protein, but what does that have to do with male enhancement? The fact is, soy also has estrogen-like compounds in it and any man who's concerned with his masculinity shouldn't help himself to too much soy. We suspect the soy is simply filler. Because there's more soy than any active ingredients in the VP-RX formula, we don't feel comfortable recommending this product too highly.

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