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Whenever a man reaches the point in his life that he knows the power of a large penis it can be a real milestone as he comes to grips with the knowledge that he already has what he needs to compete for dominance in life and with woman or that he has a shortcoming that needs to be addressed. But the simple fact is that up until the last decade or so there was not much a guy could do about the size of his penis other than face a cringe inducing surgical procedure that would sure to be both painful and expensive.

Fortunately, recent developments in the field of male enhancement supplements have changed all of that forever. The bottom line here is that some new scientific developments have combined with some often age old herbal studies to produce what is now commonly known as the modern male enhancement supplement. In most cases the new style health aids are produced using only all-natural ingredients which allows them to be sold over the counter and, in most cases, they were designed to simply boost the levels of testosterone in the male system in order to increase vitality and virility. Still, there are others which go a step further and work to elevate blood flow to the point where they actually lead to larger and more firm erections by increasing the levels of nitric oxide being produced.

The downside to all of these rather incredible advances is that the industry which produces them has been flooded with literally over a hundred new products as just about every entity which can produce a pill has done so in order to get their slice of the multi-billion dollar pie that has grown out of the great success and popularity of these products. Even more problematic is the very predictable result that consumers are facing an ever more challenging battle to find the best available products since many of these newer products have been shown to be far less effective despite the fact that they often claim to use the same types of ingredients and make all of the same types of claims.

With all of this in mind we, as a part of our ongoing efforts to help our customers find the products which are most likely to work for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement supplements out there today - it's called PenaTropin.

A Look Inside PenaTropin


A product of Phyto Health which is manufactured in their facility inside the USA, PenaTropin is claimed by them to be the #1 male enhancement supplement available in the world today. First developed to be an all-natural formula utilizing a proprietary formulation of ingredients this health aid is targeted straight at men who want a significant amount of size growth for their penis. The firm's reliance on numerous endorsements from adult male film stars shows this clearly especially when one considers the fact that all of their marketing materials focus exclusively on its ability to increase the size of the penis.

Focusing back on this product's proprietary formula it seems easy to see that a company with a revolutionary product would like to maintain control over the specific ingredients and quantities when it comes to their competitors but, as a result, they are also preventing consumers from knowing exactly what's in the product and how its made. This decision on the company's part always leads to a number of questions which, for consumers, often never get answered. In the end what is known is that the main ingredients focus around Butea Superba and L-Carnitine.

What About Research And Testing?

Based on the knowledge that has been built up around the benefits of the two known main ingredients used in the production of this product it can be said that there is a certain degree of solid science behind the rationale for using them. In fact, these ingredients appear in numerous top selling products throughout the industry. Still, there are larger questions having to do with the lack of any credible or verifiable research, studies or clinical trials of the final product which is, at the end, what makes PenaTropin.

What Do User Reviews Say?

One thing that visitors to the official product website for PenaTropin will find is a great deal of complex looking information including videos and many testimonials. This is no surprise as testimonials and user reviews have become the go to sales tactic for just about every company on the planet. This is due to the fact that these types of consumer comments have become the single most trusted from of advertising for any product in any market sector. The problem that arises from this fact is that most consumers tend to view these comments on websites which are controlled by the seller or in other materials created by marketers. This presents a case where there is an obvious and inherent bias. Knowing this we always seek out a series of sources with a more independent outlook.

In a review of multiple websites with industry ties but no known connections to PenaTropin or its producer plus a plethora of online forums and chat rooms known to discuss male enhancement products we located a large cache of independent user reviews. A quick tally of the overall ratings for them found that the large majority of them gave PenaTropin a mostly negative grade.

Is PenaTropin Safe To Use?

Most products of this nature provide a detailed listing of the ingredients which makes assessing their overall safety and efficacy relatively easy. With this product and the overall lack of detailed ingredient listings things are that much harder. No matter what the case it is always advisable to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use this or other product of a similar nature.

The Final Word On PenaTropin

If you happen to be a guy interested in safe and inexpensive ways to enlarge your penis both while flaccid and erect there are some high quality male enhancement supplements that could be the answer you are looking for. What we wanted to know is if PenaTropin is one of them. As a way to assess this we looked closely at three key factors.

One is what ingredients are used and, as we found, that is not entirely clear. The second was to look at what is known regarding any research, studies or clinical trials that may have been conducted on this product and there is no credible evidence that there is. The last factor was to see what independent user reviews were saying about their experiences and what we found was that most of them did not believe PenaTropin delivered on its promises in any significant way.

With all of this to chew on there is little doubt that PenaTropin has shown itself to be one of the most impressive answers for men looking to take their manhood to a whole new level.

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