The Priapus Shot Review

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Are you one of many millions of men all over the globe dealing with the debilitating effects of sexual dysfunction? If you are and you think that you've done the basic research related to your options in attempting to correct all of the symptoms that surround erectile dysfunction then you've probably already found out that those options likely include multiple surgically related procedures or an even many prescription and nonprescription supplements or other remedies. The thing you may not have yet found out is one of the most contemporary solutions on the market today is the Priapus Shot or P-Shot. That's right, this whole new type of solution is said by many to be an incredibly effective solution for men who have certain conditions including but not limited to prostate cancer, an enlarged prostate, diabetes or who could have developed some problems connected to medications or other side effects too often related to several surgical procedures.

The big idea that brought the P-Shot onto the market in the first place, which at heart is not actually a surgery as much as a medical but a rather simple medical procedure, is in essence an injection utilizing naturally formed elements extracted straight from the body directly into the penis. Now, there is certainly no doubt that the vivid image that this would surely bring to mind would make every man alive clutch his genitals in fear but the real question that we must all ask ourselves is "Does it really work?"

What To Know About The Priapus Shot

Priapus Shot

Named after the Greek God of Fertility, the Priapus Shot is often said to offer men dealing with the effects of erectile dysfunction, fast, very effective and very long lasting relief from these problems in a number of ways and with a set of processes that other solutions are just not able to offer. This is found to be true in such a way that it is claimed that the shot can help a man to perform the same way he did the same way he did back in his twenties. Furthermore, the producers of the P-Shot have also said that it is more than likely to actually significantly increase the length and girth of a man's penis.

Going Behind The Priapus Shot

The Priapus Shot is mainly based on the idea of replacing certain bodily elements that could have suffered a loss or could have never existed in large enough quantities which are known as Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP which, for a variety of reasons and at differing rates is generally lost to a great degree over a period of time in the region of the penis by almost all men. This Platelet Rich Plasma which, according to a number of studies, is comprised of an all-natural material found in the bloodstream and is medically extracted from other related parts of the body and then carefully injected directly into the tissue of the penis. This medical procedure is often claimed to have no significant pain as a result and goes far beyond the expected mild pain that comes with any commonly used injection process. Because this procedure is made only of a man's own blood it is said that the procedure is impossible to be rejected and is claimed to have a wildly high rate of success.

The issue at hand is that the Platelet Rich Plasma is drawn directly from a man's own blood sample. The producer also states that the total quantity of blood required is roughly the same as most average blood samples and is no more than what is used for a simple blood test. The whole process in its most simple form is about the same as separating stem cells and other biological growth factors taken from both white and red blood cells. It is only the leftover platelets that remain which comprise the crucial materials used in the penis enhancement shot.

Real User Reviews

On the official website for P-Shot one will find a rather large amount of highly positive testimonials and other user reviews claiming that they all come from actual and verified HealthGAINS patients. Still, it must be said that they also make the claim that these testimonials and user reviews should not be considered as typical of patient result experiences and are not directly intended to be representative or a guarantee that all patients will be able to achieve the same or even very similar results. In addition, the producer also claims that the chosen testimonials are displayed in order to exemplify the best case scenario for results that can be experienced and should not be viewed as typical. Taking all of that into account it may not leave most potential clients with the impression that this is the most trust inspiring disclaimer but, in general, consumers should at least give the producer some amount of credit for making clear all of these points for those potential customers who may have taken the time to read closely all the fine print.

What To Expect With P-Shot

Based on the data rolled out by P-Shot, the men who have experienced the injection procedure have had almost immediate results and can expect that those results are nearly immediate. Also men who have experienced the injection have often gone on from the office and had generally seriously improved performance as early as the same day and an increase in overall penis size should likely be expected within as early as just a few weeks.

The P-Shot Post Procedure

In order to get the highest chance of good results the manufacturer of P-Shot suggest that the recipient of the procedure utilize a device called vacuum pump, which is provided at the time by the procedure team to help stretch the penis tissue. This pump will act to help stimulate the chemical composition of the PRP and other elements in the P-shot in order to have the result of the procedure maximized and so that the overall girth and length of the penis can be achieved.

Is The P-Shot Covered By Insurance?

In general the P-Shot is not classified as a medically necessary procedure and is not usually covered by most health insurance policies. Still, for men who are seriously contemplating these injections it is highly advised that they consult with their healthcare provider regarding coverage options since this procedure tends to be quite expensive.

The Final Word on P-Shot

P-Shot has received a great deal of attention in recent years because of the fact that it is a highly uncommon alternative to so many of the other, far more invasive and expensive surgical options as well as prescription and nonprescription solutions including male enhancement supplements. The problem, as we see it, is that, despite the most of the claims that are being put forth by the producers of the P-Shot, the credible, verifiable and independent data relate to the safety and efficacy of the P-Shot does not hold up very well as opposed to some of the more negative factors that we saw in our research. With all of that in mind, we advise any man considering this procedure is to do some extensive research on their own beginning with a consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional.

In the end, the various comparisons between The Priapus Shot and so many of the alternative treatment options comes down to one factor - if a man hasn't tried the least expensive, least invasive and the least risky methods of dealing with erectile dysfunction then he has most likely not done the requisite due diligence and is most likely exposing himself to a lot of unnecessary risks and opening himself up to a great deal of unnecessary expenditures when there is little to no reason for him to do so. The fact that there are many highly regarded male enhancement supplements on the market today point to the fact that, at least for the many millions of men who do not have any serious medical conditions, a high quality supplement would clearly be the first option for a man to consider.

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