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If you are a man who is experiencing the frustrating and embarrassing symptoms of mild to moderate sexual dysfunction then you know how much of an effect it has on your life. First of all it robs you of your desire to have sex and, in many cases, it causes problems with being able to physically have sex with any degree of confidence. What you need to know is that this is something that basically every man in the world will face at some time in their life usually starting somewhere around the age of thirty.

The good news is that, for those of us living in the twenty-first century, there is something called a male enhancement supplement. If you don't know what that is it's simply a combination of age old herbal remedies and modern science that is designed to rejuvenate many of the male body's chemical processes that, during his peak physical years, are responsible for helping him to grow and develop to full maturity both physically and sexually. Then, as full maturity is reached around the age of thirty, these processes begin to slow down to the point where testosterone levels, which are critical to sexual health, begin to decrease. This is where the issues surrounding symptoms of sexual dysfunction begin.

The biggest problem men in this position have to deal with is the fact that there are seemingly hundreds of male enhancement products on the market and more coming all the time. This is because, as we discussed, that virtually every man in the world will, at some point, be a potential buyer of a product like this. What this means is that, when a man goes looking for the product that might work best for him, he is bound to have a hard time figuring out which one that might be because so many of these products have basically the same ingredients and make nearly identical claims.

Taking all of this into account we, as a way to help our readers, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement supplements on the market today - it's called Orexis.

A Look Inside Orexis


A product of Pro-Nutrition of Dublin, Ireland, Orexis claims to be "the only all-natural male pill to deliver immediate and lasting results." A look at their official product website it is easy to see that the company put a lot of effort into providing a professional experience for potential customers. They include pages offering a lot of detail on the ingredients used in the product and a number of testimonials attesting to the effectiveness of Orexis.


As claimed by Pro-Nutrition, Orexis is made with all-natural ingredients. Here is a list of those ingredients and some basic facts as to what makes them so widely used in so many male enhancements supplements.

Tribulus Terrestris
Used throughout Europe for thousands of years by traditional healers this plant extract has long been believed to have a great positive effect on sexual drive or libido. It has also been recognized by many as a booster of testosterone production as well as sexual stamina and endurance.

Epimedium Sagitum
Containing the active ingredient Icariin, which is claimed by many to have enormous positive effects on multiple symptoms of sexual dysfunction, this plant, often called Horny Goat Weed, is said to be one of the most widely used substances in increasing blood flow especially in men having problems forming and maintaining erections.

Muira Puama
Known to revitalize sexual virility and improve sexual desire and potency in men. At this time the mechanism that makes Muira Puama work is unknown but many believe it improves both psychological and physical sexual function.

Panax Ginseng
Used to alleviate general weakness and provide extra energy it is also a widely respected aphrodisiac. Among many other uses Korean Red Ginseng used often employed to correct male erectile dysfunction.

Catuaba Bark Extract
Originally found in Brazil this is a well-known aphrodisiac Catuaba bark is said by some to lead to erotic dreams and increased libido with continuous use.

A small shrub that spawns small, aromatic flowers it is known by the native peoples of Central and South America for its aphrodisiac effects.

Yohimbe Extract
Frequently used to treat erectile dysfunction. There have been a number of claims over the years that many people have experienced some unwanted side effects with its use.

What Users Are Saying

The official website for Orexis provides a page filled with testimonials but, as any experienced consumer knows, testimonials found on a company's product page are obviously handpicked for their positive opinions. Because of this we try to find alternative sources for user reviews.

Using a standard search of industry related websites that have no apparent affiliation with Pro-Nutrition or Orexis and chat rooms dedicated to the subject we found a large number of independent user reviews. The key point is that the majority of these user reviews were quite negative in their view of Orexis. The most prominent themes of these unfavorable reviews are that the users did not experience any notable benefits from using this product.

Clinical Research

It should be noted that claims made as to the effectiveness of Orexis seem to be based solely on the history of the ingredients and not on any research, clinical studies or trials based on the actual formula used in this product.

How Safe Is Orexis?

As mentioned earlier, there has long been some concern related to unwanted side effects with the use Yohimbe. Considering this and the potential for allergic reactions and other possible health issues that come with the use of any ingestible it is advisable for potential users to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or other similar product.

Pricing And Dosage Information

Since Orexis is a product of the U.K. their official website lists the pricing in British Pounds. Since or readership is largely based in the U.S. we have converted the price to dollars. At $47.24 for a one month supply.

Each bottle (one month supply) contained sixty capsules and, therefore, is designed as a two capsule dosage.

Orexis: The Final Conclusion

At the top of this review we talked about how frustrating and embarrassing the symptoms of mild to moderate sexual dysfunction can be for men who may be suffering from it. And, for any man who may be thinking that this won't happen to him, the fact is that no man is really immune from this type of problem. This is because around the age of thirty when men's chemical processes begin to slow down they start to lose their ability to produce testosterone as the same high levels they did at the height of their physical life.

Fortunately, with the advent of the modern male enhancement supplement, men have a way to help turn around this loss of testosterone get back to being the strong, virile and confident guy they once were.

The only real concern for men looking for such a solution is that choosing the right supplement from the seemingly hundreds of products out there can be quite difficult considering that the all seem to have nearly the same ingredients and almost identical claims.

In our look at Orexis we looked at a number of factors that potential buyers should take into account as they make their decision. The first one is the list of ingredients and the formulation used. The second is that there appears to be no verifiable research that proves the effectiveness of the product.

Taking these factors and adding the fact that most independent user reviews had a negative opinion of their experience with Orexis it would be a stretch to say that Orexis should be considered one of the best options available for men suffering from the effects of mild to moderate sexual dysfunction.

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