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When the moment comes and a man realizes that something has dramatically changed in the way he feels about sex and his ability to perform in the bedroom it can mean a drastic change in the way he looks at himself in the mirror. After all, sex is a vital part of life for any adult, male or female, but for a man his sense of who he is plays a big role in how he interacts with his partner, his friends and the world around him in general. So, when he begins to experience the symptoms of mild to moderate sexual dysfunction it can be a real game changer.

The thing that most men don't seem to know and often don't really care about is that this type of thing happens to nearly every guy on the planet and has happened to nearly every man that has ever lived. The reason for it is most always the simple fact that, as men move past their prime physical years, their body's biological systems begin to experience a slowdown and one of the key factors in that is a reduction in the amount of testosterone that they produce. This is important because it is this essential male hormone that dictates how much lean muscle mass he can build up and how well he can burn unwanted fat. It also plays a key role in determining the level of sexual drive that he has and even provides much of the power that allows him to perform sexually. So, in most cases when a man begins to have trouble forming and keeping a rock solid erection the main culprit is usually a lowered capacity to produce testosterone.

So, when after centuries of having no real remedy for this condition, some new scientific breakthroughs helped to unlock the hidden powers contained in some often age old herbal remedies the men of today now have access to what is most often described as the modern male enhancement supplement. The main thing to know about these normally non-prescription and almost always all-natural products is that they are mostly designed to reintroduce many of the lost elements within the aging male body to help jump start the production of testosterone and aid men in their quest to return to being the men that they once were.

As a result to the great success and immense popularity of these male enhancement supplements there has been one real downside within the industry that produces them. This is the fact that the market for them has become flooded with literally hundreds of new products which, in many cases, have been shown to be inferior on multiple levels even though they often claim to have pretty much the same sets of ingredients and make nearly all of the same types of claims when it comes to safety and efficacy. Obviously this has created a situation where men seeking help with lowered testosterone find themselves confused and often frustrated by the endless array of similar looking products.

With all of this in mind we, as a part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancers on the market today - it's called Nitrox 2.

Nitrox 2

What To Know About Nitrox 2

Manufactured distributed by a company called SCIFIT which is a well-known producer of many types of health related products, Nitrox 2 is the second formulation of a product that has been recognized as having some crossover appeal as its claimed benefits can be useful in multiple ways. One, as being discussed here, is to help boost the production of testosterone as a means of increasing the levels of nitric oxide within the male blood stream in order to help elevate the amount of blood flow to the penis in order to produce larger, longer lasting and more solid erections. Because this benefit is also helpful to bodybuilders and other types of serious athletes it is also marketed to that demographic and for that specific purpose.

What's In Nitrox 2?

Two of the core elements used to produce this product are Citrulline Malate and AKG (Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate) an all-natural compound well-known for its ability to promote the production of nitric oxide and L-Arginine which tends to act as a primary catalyst for the improved production of nitric oxide.

Other key components include L-Taurine which improves sexual stamina and endurance as well as Alpha Lipoic Acid, which helps to increase the rate of nutrients and oxygen being transferred to the various muscle groups.

Nitrox 2 And The Science Behind It

Having a strong understanding of the ingredients used in the creation of any product is a good thing for consumers but another equally if not more important set of information comes from knowing how those ingredients were formulated. For example, imagine a product which used all of the very best possible ingredients but in amounts which do not meet the recommended doses. In all likelihood this product would not be very effective. This being the case most producers tend to conduct a fair amount of research, study and clinical trials in order to determine what formulation will result in a product that is both truly safe and effective.

Going over all of the available data from both SCIFIT and several outside sources we could not find any credible or verifiable evidence that any of this type of study or testing was performed on this product.

What Users Are Saying

When there is a lack of other information which is based on the actual chemistry of a product of this nature consumers tend to turn to user reviews for help in assessing the viability of a product given that these types of comments have become more trusted than any other form of marketing or sales tactics. In the case of Nitrox 2 the producer does offer a number of testimonials on its official product website but due to the fact that no company is likely to post negative reviews of its own product these comments have to be considered to be inherently biased. Because of this we always seek out other and more independent sources of user comments.

Based on a review of multiple industry websites with no known affiliation to SCIFIT or Nitrox 2 as well as a number of online chat rooms and forms prone to discussing male enhancement supplements we discovered a wide array of independent user reviews for this product. Tabulating the overall rating it became quite clear that the majority of them did not believe that Nitrox 2 had any significant benefit even with continued long term use of one month or more.

Nitrox 2 Health Issues

Although there are some reports of issues which we could not substantiate a close examination of the list of ingredients in Nitrox 2 shows that they are well-established in the industry and used by many of the top performing brands. That said it is always advisable to seek out a consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional before starting a daily regimen of this or any other similar product.

The Final Word On Nitrox 2

Men seeking help with lost testosterone issues are turning more and more to a high quality male enhancement supplement. What we wanted to know is if Nitrox 2 is among the best options. To know this we looked at three key factors.

The first is the list of ingredients which have been shown to be comparable to the best the industry has to offer. The second was the data related to its formulation and it appears that there are no credible sources for the public to review. The last has to do with what independent users have to say and the majority of them that we saw had a rather negative opinion.

In conclusion, all factors point to case showing that Nitrox 2 is simply not one of the best options for men looking to get back to being the guys that they always were in life and in the bedroom.

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