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Sexual drive is an integral part of life for both men and women and great source of satisfaction in their lives. So, when it begins to slip away there can be a real sense of loss. For men, this generally begins to happen at an earlier age as they begin to lose their capacity to produce testosterone at the same type of high level that they did during their peak physical years in their teens and twenties. This is important because testosterone is the critical hormone that is largely responsible for giving a man many of the traits that we all associate with masculinity. Some examples include a man's ability to produce large amounts of lean muscle mass and to burn fat. Others traits include the promotion of a high level of sexual drive or libido as well as the capacity to perform sexually with a high degree of stamina and endurance.

The issue at hand is that when a man's biochemical functions start to slow down as he reaches and surpasses full maturity they begin to lose the capacity to produce and maintain high levels of testosterone and all of the positive and youthful traits that go along with it. The good news is that over the last several years there have been some amazing advances in the field of male enhancement products through some impressive developments in science and its understanding of the benefits of some often age old herbal benefits.

These normally non-prescription and all-natural health aids work by providing a man's aging body with the core elements necessary to kick start their systems back into high gear so that he can feel the benefits of having that high level of testosterone production that he did during his prime physical years.

One issue that has come about due to the incredible success and great popularity of these health aids is the market for these products has become inundated with literally hundreds of newer products which, to a large degree, have been shown to be largely ineffective even though many of them claim to use a set of ingredients which are widely used by the highest rated products on the market today. To no surprise, this has caused a great deal of confusion among men who may be seeking to try a male enhancement supplement.

With all of this in mind we, as a part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancers out there on the market today - it's called Longinexx.

The Basics On Longinexx


A product which is both produced and distributed by Dartford Kent Labs, Longinexx is one of the newer products on the male enhancement market and is claimed to have what it refers to as an exclusive Rapid Expansion Technology which supposedly promotes larger and firmer erections, improved endurance and stamina as well as an overall increase in the quality of the male sexual experience.

The claim behind this Rapid Expansion Technology is the formulation which allows for a time released dosage which promotes higher levels of nitric oxide within the bloodstream which will lead to a greater transmission of oxygen and nutrients to all of the major organs, muscle groups and, most critically, the penile chambers. Still, unlike most of the other supplements of this type, the Longinexx formulation utilizes a formula designed to slowly release all of the active ingredients over an extended period of greater effectiveness and bigger, more solid and longer lasting erections.

Longinexx Active Ingredients

The set of ingredients utilized to create Longinexx seems to contain many of the most commonly used elements often used in most of the highest rated male enhancements supplements on the market today. They include:

  • L-Arginine: A crucial amino acid needed for the production of nitric oxide.
  • Butea Superba: A product of Thailand this all-natural plant extract is a well-known as an aphrodisiac which is in wide use throughout the industry.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Considered to be the single most used ingredient in male enhancement supplements due to its ability to raise testosterone production levels.
  • Cnidium Monnier: A prime vasodilator known to help promote and maintain erections.
  • Yohimbe: In use for centuries in Central and South America to bolster sexual drive.
  • Long Jack: Another aphrodisiac which many believe to also be a potent testosterone production booster.

Clinical Data

It's common knowledge that looking at the list of ingredients for a product can be helpful in determining just how safe and effective it might be. Still, this ignores the equally important factor of knowing how that product was formulated. One way to illustrate this point is to think of a product which could have the very best ingredients but added in amounts which are below the recommended dosage. Obviously, this would likely lead to a product that is less than fully effective. To avoid this result most companies concerned with creating a top quality product would engage in a high degree of research, studies and clinical trials in order to determine just how the product will perform.

In a review of all of the available information we could find no verifiable or credible evidence that any research or testing that would support the claims being made for Longinexx.

Longinexx And User Reviews

Since just about every company uses testimonials and user reviews as a selling tool due to the fact that these types of comments are widely considered to be one of the most trusted and effective marketing methods. However, given that any testimonials or user reviews that appears on a website or in other marketing materials are subject to a high degree of obvious and inherent bias. With this being the case we always seek to find other and more independent sources of user commentaries.

Using a standard internet search of multiple industry related websites with no apparent affiliation to Longinexx or its producer as well as several well-known online forums and chat rooms with a history of talking about male enhancement supplements. What we found was a significant number of independent user reviews and a tally of the overall ratings show that most of them did not feel that they received any notable benefits for Longinexx even after extended use.

Where and How To Buy Longinexx

With no official product website for this product consumers must look to a number of online retail outlets in order to purchase it. A one month supply of Longinexx is, at the time of publication, priced at $36.95.

Longinexx: The Conclusion

Men seeking a greater degree of sexual satisfaction have long sought products that would boost their sexual drive and performance. Many even seek products that offer the promise of larger, firmer and lasting erections. The key issue at hand is the question of whether Longinexx is one of the best options on the market today to accomplish these goals. To determine this we have concluded that there are three critical areas that must be examined.

One is the list of ingredients used to produce Longinexx and, as noted, they are quite common to many of the top performing brands. Another area is the way in which Longinexx is formulated and there is no verifiable or credible data that we could find that suggests that would offer any support for the claims being made for this product. The last area has to do with what independent user reviews have to say and the evidence shows that the results were not very good and the majority of those that we found were highly negative in nature.

To wrap it all up, there seems to be no real evidence that Longinexx has done what is necessary to be considered one of the top performing male enhancement supplements available today.

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