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Even if you went back to the dawn of humanity you would find that men have always worried about the size of their penises. We say this because there has never been a point in time when men weren't concerned about how big their penises were. This is because there has never been a time when a man's physical attributes weren't important. And, the further back in time you go the more important it was for a man to be strong, have stamina and endurance just to survive. To thrive he would also need to be sharp mentally and, if he wanted to know the joys of sex or carry on his DNA with offspring he would have to be attractive to the ladies of his day. So, having a large and attractive penis would obviously provide a guy with an extra leg up.

Though the world is a slightly different place now and education and money can get a man without the best physical attributes a lot further in life there is no substitute for a penis that makes a man feel a boost of confidence knowing that he is walking around with a monster in his pants and lets a woman know that she's in for a nice ride. This being the case every man who has doubts about the size of his penis and his ability to perform well in bed has some options that his forefathers didn't - Yes, we're talking about the modern male enhancement supplement.

For those who may not be familiar with the great advances being made in this department male enhancement supplements are generally all-natural combinations of some newer science and some often very old herbal remedies which are designed to boost the production of testosterone in younger men to the max and help restore lost testosterone in men who have gone beyond their prime physical years.

The one real problem facing the millions and millions of men all around the world who want to increase the size of their penis and have greater confidence in their ability to perform sexually is that these supplements have grown in popularity to the point where anyone capable of producing a pill and marketing it is jumping into the game to get their share of the multi-billion dollar supplement pie. To make matters worse the majority of these now hundreds of different products on the market are not all that effective but telling the good ones from the bad ones is rather hard due to the fact that most of them have nearly identical ingredients and make nearly all the same claims.

This being the case, we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our valued readers find the products that are most likely to work well for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancers on the market today - it's called King Size Male.

About King Size Male

King Size Male

To know what makes King Size Male work the only thing one has to do is look closely at the formulation. Doing that will make clear that the manufacturer believes that the key element needed to make a highly effective and safe formula is L-Arginine. For those who may not know already, L-Arginine is an essential amino acid with a rather long and well-regarded track record of helping to increase the levels of nitric oxide within the bloodstream. This biochemical enhancement promotes increased blood flow and carries both nutrients and oxygen throughout the bloodstream to all the major organs and muscle groups. In the process, muscles and organs become more receptive to the benefits and the penis gains an ability to hold greater amounts of blood which leads to larger, stronger and longer lasting erections and even greater girth and firmness while the penis is flaccid.

King Size Ingredient List

Though in many ways common to most of the top performing male enhancement supplements the following list of ingredients are generally considered staples in any high performing formulation. They include:

  • L-Arginine - As previously mentioned this essential amino acid helps to produce an increase in the level of nitric oxide production in the bloodstream to help bolster blood flow and the distribution of critical nutrients and oxygen.
  • Panax Ginseng - Hailing from many parts of Asia, this all-natural substance is well-established in the industry for its capacity to increase energy levels during sexual activity.
  • Maca Root - Used for hundreds of years as an aphrodisiac and highly praised for its overall health benefits.
  • Polypodium Vulgare - Primarily known as a booster of sexual drive this ingredient is less common than most but still a welcome addition.
  • Velvet Bean - Ranked highly for its positive effects on the production of dopamine in the brain this an element that is becoming more popular with each passing day.
  • Epimedium - Widely respected for its long history of helping to improve blood circulation.
  • Saw Palmetto - Sought after all around the world for its benefits to the prostate gland.
  • Tongkat Ali - A critical enhancing agent in the production of testosterone.

The Science Behind King Size Male

Most consumers tend to focus on the ingredients in a product to determine if it is safe and effective but the truth is that the ingredients are only half of the equation. This is because it doesn't really matter if one has the best possible ingredients but formulates them in such a way that they are rendered ineffective or that might cause some unintended issues regarding negative interactions. The best way to know this is to simply look at the available data regarding any research, studies or clinical trials that may have been done on the products safety and effectiveness.

Looking at what information we could find it does not appear that there were any of these types of research or testing performed on the actual formulation of King Size Male. This is not to say that the product is unsafe it simply means that there is no verifiable evidence that the product will perform up to the standards of its claims.

What Real Users Are Saying

Aside from the data that might prove how well a product works there is another way to establish how effective a product is and that's to look at what user have to say about it. In most cases a producer will have an official website or other promotional materials that employ testimonials or user reviews but, obviously, these platforms have an inherent bias as the producer has control over their content and are highly unlikely to post anything that is less than glowingly positive. This being the case we tend to look for sources with a more independent view.

Looking at a number of industry related websites with no apparent affiliation to King Size Male or its producer and multiple internet chat rooms discussing male enhancement we found a large number of user reviews for this product. Taking them in total we discovered that a large majority of these reviews were of a rather negative nature. The most common themes among them were that King Size Male simply did not deliver on its claims in any substantial way.

Health And Safety Issues

As we alluded to earlier the set of ingredients used in the making of King Size Male do have seem to have any significant history of medical concerns or potential for allergic reactions in healthy males. Still, it is always advisable to seek a consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any other similar supplement.

How To Purchase King Size Male

This product is available for purchase through a number of online retail outlets. The average cost of a one month supply is $60.00.

The Final Word On King Size Male

Going back to the start of this review we discussed the fact that men throughout the ages have always been concerned with the size of the penis and their ability to perform well in bed. Fortunately for men living in this modern age there are many options available to help them achieve this goal. The problem is that there are now so many options that making the right choice is only becoming more and more difficult.

Looking directly at King Size Male as a male enhancement supplement there are just a few simple facts that any potential buyer needs to consider. One is that the set of ingredients used in the making of this product are all well-established and, in most cases, common to most of the most highly praised products on the market. The second fact is that there is, like so many of the hundreds of products out there, little to no verifiable data that supports King Size Male's claims of effectiveness.

The third fact is that the large majority of independent user reviews that we encountered had a rather negative view of their experience with King Size Male.

Taking all these facts into consideration it seems that King Size Male does not have the credentials that would allow any serious reviewer to place it among the best possible options for men seeking an increase in penis size and sexual performance.

If you would like more information related to the best-selling, highest quality male enhancement supplements available on the market today, see below or click here.

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