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For any man who is suffering from the embarrassing and debilitating effects of sexual dysfunction in one or more of its many forms there is good news. These problems, such as loss of libido or sexual desire and erectile dysfunction can be corrected. The real choice men with these issues have to face is not whether or not to do something about it - it's which direction to go in. Do they go right to the 'nuclear' option and go to their doctor in hopes of being given a prescription for one of the pharmaceutical industry's favorite pets - Viagra, Cialis, etc. and all the potentially serious risks to can accompany them or do they go the more conservative route and explore the world of non-prescription remedies that countless men all around the world and throughout the ages have counted on to help restore them back to being the man they once had been.

For those men who would chose the safer, easier and less expensive path there are still choices that must be made. We say this because, in a world where basically anyone can put some ingredients in a bottle, slap a label on it, build a website filled with fantastic claims and collect money it is often hard to know which products are safe and really work. So, as part of our ongoing effort to help our readers understand what options are on the table for them we have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement supplements available to today - it's called Erectzan.

Erectzan Claims


The official website for Erectzan is a very busy place with section after section devoted to various claims about the safety and efficacy of Erectzan. These claims include how it is all-natural, rated #1 (by who), prolongs ejaculations, increases self-confidence, will increase libido, cure erectile dysfunction, improve sexual energy and stamina and even the length and width of your penis - All this and the claim of a 98.7% satisfaction rate among users. These are indeed bold claims so let's see what Erectzan uses to back them up.

Erectzan Ingredients

Erectzan's official website provides a long list (supposedly complete) list of ingredients with some explanations for each ingredients in a friendly easy to read grid format. These include L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Korean Red Ginseng, Schizandra Berry, Oyster Extract, Catuaba Bark, Cinnamon, Cistanche Bark, Muira Puama, Puncture Vine, Gingko Biloba, Avena Sativa, Cnidium, Long Jack Root, Maca Root, Indian Ginseng, Niacin, Cranberry Extract, Swedish Flower, L-Lysine, L-Carnitine, Zinc, Pine Bark Extract and Bioperine.

All in all this may be one of, if not the, most comprehensive list of well-recognized ingredients you will find in any major brand of male enhancement supplements. It should also be noted that they specifically cite the fact that they purposely did not include Yohimbe because of the controversial claims related to side effects of that particular ingredient.

Erectzan User Reviews

One of the more interesting things about the official Erectzan website is there is a page devoted to women, what they think and testimonials that they have given speaking, in general, as to how Erectzan has changed their male partners in multiple ways making them stronger, more interested in sex, able to perform better and with a notably enlarged penis.

There is also a page with links to various blogs related to sexual dysfunction of all sorts. Testimonials from men are displayed in a rolling window over very sexy models. The point here is that there are a number of ways that the producers of male enhancement products can and do construct their official websites and other promotional material to, in some ways, both enhance their marketing operation and, in other ways, distract potential customers from noticing negative information. One of these negatives is that there does not appear to be any verifiable information related to direct clinical studies on the product itself. Yes, there is a lot of evidence that there is benefit in the individual ingredients but that does not mean that this particular formula allows those ingredients to have the desired effect. To avoid the pitfalls of such standard and obvious practices we chose to look for less crafted and biased information as to the effectiveness of this product.

A wide search of unaffiliated websites and chat rooms dedicated to the subject helped to see a far more unfiltered view of what real users were saying about their experience with Erectzan. What we found was somewhat surprising to us. Apparently, even though the producers of Erectzan have gone to great lengths to create a product that would have wide appeal and offer an all-natural solution to a wide range of problems associated with sexual performance they did not seem to create a product that actually delivered the desired results.

Erectzan For Sale

Erectzan is offered on the official website in a number of different packages including being paired with other products and boasts a ninety day money back guarantee, various discounts including for subscribers starting at $49.97 for a thirty day supply.

Erectzan Medical Cautions

Although there are no known legal actions against the producers of Erectzan related to problem with harm or known side effects there are claims that some of the many ingredients have been known to produce physical problems for some user. To be safe, it is recommended that anyone considering the use of this or any similar remedy, consult with your doctor or other qualified medical professional before beginning use.

The Verdict

Again, for any man suffering from the natural onset of sexual dysfunction, which is usually caused by aging and is common to most men in one form or another in men over thirty, there are multiple choices that must be made. First, one has to decide whether or not to do anything about or just accept that your best days, sexually speaking, are over.

The next question, for those not willing to accept this fate, is simply - do I go straight to one of the famous but risky prescription based medications or do they look for a simpler, less expensive and less risky non-prescription alternative.

For those whose want to take the easier and cheaper route the question then becomes which of the myriad of options for a male enhancement supplements should they choose.

In looking closely as Erectzan, its formulation, official website, highly developed and almost overwhelming marketing strategy, company approved reviews and more independent user reviews; there are a few things that are abundantly clear. Rather than list them all let's just say that if the producers of Erectzan had focused more on the formulation of their product in order to create a male enhancement supplement that could draw a far better group of independent reviews and less on an overwhelming information blitz on would be consumers then they might end up with product the we could recommend with high favorability.

For more information on high quality, top-tier male enhancement supplements that are available on the market today, click here.

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