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If you have been wondering why male enhancement supplements have become so popular the reason is simple - it's because millions and millions of men all around the world are looking for help with the symptoms of mild to moderate sexual dysfunction which could involve as little as a diminished sexual drive to more severe problems including issues with erectile dysfunction. To be clear, these issues affect most men in the world at some point in their lives and most will see some signs of it usually starting around the age of thirty. The real problem is that these issues will only get worse with time. And if you are among those who have begun to feel these affects then you should know what you are facing and what can be done about it.

The key reason behind most of these issues for men is the fact that as men age beyond their peak physical years they will likely begin losing their ability to produce testosterone at the same high level that they once did in their teens and twenties. The result of this usually a loss in the ability to create and maintain a large amount of lean muscle mass while being able to burn unwanted fat as well as a loss of sexual drive and even his capacity to perform at a high level sexually.

The good news is that after centuries of not being able to do much about any of this men now have access to some products which are the result of some new science and its combining with some often age old herbal remedies. These products which are almost always made with all-natural ingredients and, for the most part, were designed to help a man restore his capacity to produce high levels of testosterone and get back to being the type of guy he has always been - they're called male enhancement supplements.

The bad news that comes from these great advances is that the market for these newer types of non-prescription health aids has been flooded with literally hundreds of these products and many of them have been shown to be of lower quality even though they claim to have many of the same sets of ingredients and make pretty much the same types of claims. They way this has become an issue is that with all of these products, both good and bad, are hard to distinguish from one another which leaves consumers guessing as to which products are likely to work best for them.

With all of this in mind we, as part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products which will probably work best for them, have decided to take a good hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancers out there on the market - it's called AndroGen RX.

AndroGen RX Basics

AndroGen RX

It cannot be overlooked that the supposed official website for AndroGen RX is of extremely low quality right down to the fact that site is created using a program called Word Press which was designed for creating and updating blogs and certainly not as a platform for a high quality male enhancement supplement or other product with a serious background.

The most remarkable aspect of the information on the website is the extraordinary claim that AndroGen RX can actually grow as the user's penis by as much as three inches.

AndroGen RX Ingredients

The key fact and a perplexing one at that is the fact that the official website for this product does not list the actual ingredients contained within this product.

Research, Studies And Clinical Trials

Another thing that AndroGen RX does not do is provide and links to clinical information that can verifiably support the claims it makes as to the expected benefits of using its product. Without any verifiable data there is no way to quantify the claims made by the manufacturer.

What Do Users Have To Say?

One of the most successful forms of sales tools has been the use of testimonials and user reviews because they have been proven to be trusted by the vast majority of consumers. However, since most of these commentaries appear on websites and in other marketing materials which are generally produced and controlled by the seller or producer they have what can only be called an obvious and inherent bias. Knowing this to be true we always attempt to find other more independent sources of user reviews.

Using a standard search of the internet for websites with industry ties but with no affiliation with AndroGen RX or its producer plus a number of chat rooms known to discuss male enhancement products we found a large number of independent user reviews on AndroGen RX and the ratings showed a clear disdain for their experiences with this product.

How Safe Is AndroGen RX

Needless to say there is nothing that can be said about a set of ingredients for which there is no available information. Since there is a possibility of potential health issues and side effects especially with a product of unknown origin it is highly advised that anyone considering the use of this or any similar product.

How And Where To Buy AndroGen RX

The only way to buy this product is through its official product website. At the time of publication the cost of a one month supply is set at $55.00.

AndroGen RX Conclusion

At the top of this review we talked about the reason that male enhancement supplements have become a part of mainstream health products all over the world over the last several years. In essence it was a series of new breakthroughs that help to unlock the power hidden in some often age old herbal remedies. And for men seeking help with boosting their diminishing ability to produce testosterone at a high level the best of these new products can have a great impact on their sex lives and their lives overall. The key question that we are trying to answer here is if AndroGen RX has proven itself to be among the best possible choices in the market today. To do this one should look at three core aspects of this product.

The first is the list of ingredients used in AndroGen RX and, in this case, there is nothing to talk about due to the fact that the producer did not choose to provide that information on their official product website. The second aspect is in relation to any data that might provide documentation of any research, studies or clinical trials that may have been done related to the formulation of AndroGen RX. In this case there is no information that we could find that would provide that kind of history. The last aspect has to do with what independent user reviews have had to say about their experiences with this product. In this matter the evidence is clear that AndroGen RX did not garner the support of a majority of these users.

In the end the only conclusion to be made is that AndroGen RX has a long way to go before it could be thought of as a top option for men suffering from diminished testosterone production.

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